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Golden Palace Casino Promotions

When it comes to promoting their brand name, no casino does it better than the Golden Palace. However, if you are interested in learning how every single bonus type works, go on bestnodeposit.com and find a straightforward guide to using bonus promotions and no deposit bonus codes. Listed below are just a few of the stunts this casino has successfully attempted in order to market their vast array of casino games.

The $28,000 Sandwich

Several years ago, a woman placed an advertisement on EBay for a 10-year old cheese sandwich that purportedly showed the likeness of the Virgin Mary. Of course, this was only noticed after the woman's husband had taken a bite out of the sandwich. In pure Golden Palace Casino style, the company snatched up the sandwich for the bargain price of $28,000.

Tattoo Frenzy

Another crazy stunt that Golden Palace has attempted is the art of tattooing their logo and web address on willing participants. One woman allowed the website to be tattooed directly onto her forehead for a sum of $10,000, another allowed the company to tattoo the address on the back of her shaved head to the tune of $18,000, and they even tattooed the company logo across a 400lb man's stomach for an undisclosed amount of money.

More Weird Purchases

As if the tattoos and grilled cheese sandwich were not enough, the Golden Palace also claims to have purchased kidney stones from everyday folks for $25,000 as long as it was spent in the casino. At one point and in one of their most expensive stunts ever, the casino actually went so far as to purchase the Pope's Volkswagen automobile for a jaw-dropping $244,590!

Whether or not these crazy stunts actually draw more business to the Golden Palace is anyone's guess, but it is highly likely that people show up every day willing to be tattooed or sell their body parts for an opportunity at getting their hands on cold, hard cash.